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It is not unusual for people to hesitate before attending worship services at an unfamiliar church. In order to reduce any uneasiness you may have about us, let us explain what you can expect when you visit with us at the church of Christ in Wilsonville.

Courtesy And Kindness - When you enter, you will not find any pews that are reserved for any person. All are greeted with equal courtesy and kindness (Acts 10:34-35; Gal. 3:28). Like the first century Christians, we will engage in the singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19). The words used in our songs will be easy to understand (1 Corinthians 14:15). God has commanded the sincere praise of His people to come from the heart (Colossians 3:16).

Order And Reverence - You will not see several people speaking or praying at the same time. Our services are conducted in an orderly fashion, and without confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). You will observe one of the brethren leading the congregation reverently and quietly in prayer (1 Timothy 2:1-5).

If you are present on Sunday, the Lord's day - You will observe the congregation partaking of the Lord's Supper, also known as communion. This involves eating unleavened bread and drinking the fruit of the vine (grape juice) in memory of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection (Matthew 26:26-28). We do this on the first day of every week, as the Christians in the first century (Acts 20:7).

The Bible Is Our Only Guide - You will observe that the Bible is the only book to which reference is repeatedly made in our classes and sermons. We won't ask you to accept what some man says about the Bible. Rather, we want you to read the Bible for yourself to see whether those things are so (Acts 17:11).

You will be welcome at all of our services. Please come and bring your Bible to search the Scriptures with us. If you have no Bible you may borrow one of ours.

Wilsonville church of Christ contact@wilsonvillechurch.com